Laser and Other Application Examples

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Updated: January 2, 2006

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Marked Tags

High speed magazine fed tag and marking systems available with laser and impact systems.

PCB Boards

Depaneling PC boards with Vision guided laser system results in high-speed accurate cuts with minimal charring and clean edges.

Lasered Metal Ring High speed Nd:YAG laser marking to identify tools, gages, cutters, etc. Colored Plastics Laser marking plastics direct with a high-contrast image requiring no inks, foils or secondary operations.
Key Tag Precision marking logos and graphics on keychains and novelties. Laser Mate Step & Repeat High speed laser marking anodized aluminum components on trays and pallets with the Step & Repeat Table option incorporated into the Laser Mate marker.
Lasered 2D Matrix Code 2D Matrix bar code marked on anodized aluminum. One of 23 standard bar codes that are available with the Laser Mate and Laser Mate II marking systems. Laser Marked Metal Deep, high contrast laser marking on bright stainless steel, aluminum or any metallic surfaces requires no coating or secondary operation.
Gasket Cutout Laser machining thin flexible rubber gasket material without stress, deflection or tearing. Equip Marking Impact marking serial number onto plastic housing of nail gun, mounted on special fixturing.
Bottle Marking Laser marking and decorating bottles using the Roto-Mite cylindrical attachment. J.eps (12553855 bytes) Feeding and end-to-end orienting ceramic ferules .065 diameter. Checking for presence of tapered through-hole less than 0.009 diameter at 50 PPM!
Vacu Chuck Vacu-Chuck tooling provides quick vacuum hold-down for marking thin materials without clamping or hand tools. Marked Cover High speed CO2 laser marking anodized aluminum covers for electronic components.
Plastic Cut Out High speed CO2 laser machining on acrylic and most thermoplastic parts. Graphical software requires no programming experience. Small Marked Text Sub-miniature laser marking of text less than 0.015" tall.
Marked Round Saw Blade Laser Marking saws, cutting tools, machine components of virtually any material. Roto-Mite Laser cutting cylindrical parts and manufacturing using Roto-Mite cylindrical attachment.

Lizard Cut Out

Laser cutting of designs, decorations, large format signs and templates of virtually any material. Medical Plastics etc. Laser trimming and cutting packaging and molded components for production or prototype. Great for the R&D Lab!
Marked Tools etc. Laser marking anodized aluminum, plated steel, two-ply vinyls,plastics and chrome plated tools with the Laser Mate system. Lasered Tools Laser mark and identify anodized aluminum tools with name, part number, graduations, etc.
lasered acrylics Precision laser machined plastic parts created from a simple .PLT file requiring no programming experience. Roto Mite - Purple Cylinder Anodized aluminum cylinder laser marked using the Roto-Mite II cylindrical attachment.
Plastics High speed laser machining of composite plastic, fiberboard, rubber, paper, etc. Plastic Component Plastic vacuum component permanently identified with a micro-fine impact marker unit.
Lasered Wafer Laser dicing of silicone wafers with the SL-3020G and vision system. Special optics and laser control result in negligible heat and distortion. Lasered Wood Box Wooden box precisely cut and decorated from one flat piece of wood using one simple graphics file.
Lasered Camera Camera image laser marked at 1000dpi onto gravoply 2-part plastic. Cerdec Sample Bare metal permanently marked with CO2 laser using spray on prep material.
Marked Connectors Connector assembly with special programmable benchtop system. Cut Foam Laser cut foam components to verify design prior to expensive die procurement.
Marked Gages Gages and tools marked with CO2 laser in single or multi-side marking applications. px_gask.jpg (212149 bytes) Precisely laser cut gasket material to any geometry within 30" x 20" area with the SL-3020.
Prototyping Laser machine prototypes of gears, cams, pulleys, etc. for R&D development. Engraved Marble CO2 laser marked image at 500dpi on solid marble surface.
Lasered Plastic Cosmetic case laser marked resulting in stunning contrast requiring no inks, foils, etc. SL3020 with Roto Mite Laser marking and decorating rubber print rollers with the Roto-Mite attachment.
Sabre Rework and route PC boards using high-frequency spindle with vision assisted software. Impact Marked Tag Precision impact marking tags, labels and nameplates with the LM-4400.
Marked Thermoplastic High contrast laser marking injection molded plastic components for decorating, graduations, and miscellaneous information. Viper 1810 Sign Decorate plastic engraving for signs, awards and nametag industries.
Lasered Wood Wood sample was created and cut with CO2 laser directly from a graphics program. No programming experience required. 2D Cylindrical Nd:YAG lasered identification and 2D matrix code marked directly onto steel cylinder.
Marked Black Tag Laser mark diagrams, logos, schematics directly onto machine parts.  Easy Tag Marking  No measuring or layout work required when using the Online software, which allows you to scan your part directly into the software and use it as a template.
Stencils  Ultra precision laser cutting stencils, medical stents and electronic components with true TEM00 beam quality. SL-3020G Custom tooling available to fixture, clamp and precisely position parts in trays or pallets.
Paintball Barrel_sm.JPG (3707 bytes) Laser marked anodized paintball barrel using the Roto-Mite Rotary Fixture. whole_box.JPG (6955 bytes) Permanently mark cardboard packaging in just seconds with high contrast.

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