Custom Laser System Designs

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Custom Machine Special machine designed and built to de-reel material, cut form, anneal, date code and wind material. Custom Machine Medical flow/leak test machine performs 4 forward and 1 reverse flow test of check valves, automatically fed and ejected. Full diagnostic capability.
Insertion Machine Benchtop contact insertion machine automatically assembles contacts from a bandolier onto circuit boards in programmable increments. Candle Assembly System Liquid candle bottle and wick assembly system inserts wick into metal caps, cuts wick, checks height of wick. Applies protector overcap. 100% CAM operated requires no pneumatics. 105ppm.
Continuous Assy System Continuous motion assembly system for two-piece detergent cap & spout performs screw-on assembly with automatic torque control at over 200ppm.  index360.JPG (11165 bytes)

Along with laser marking and testing, the Index 360 laser automation system includes automated parts feeding and final packaging along with the laser marking and virtually any other type of secondary operation.

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